Power Looks for Any Style

The moments I want to look and feel powerful are when I’m speaking onstage, meeting a client for the first time, going to an important business meeting, or searching for an instant confidence boost.

There’s a common theme in creating looks that feel powerful. Typically, they are designs that make you feel as strong as they look. The pieces are bold, they include clean lines and/or luxury fabrics, and they match effortlessly with other pieces. You don’t need to wear powerful pieces from head to toe unless you work in a strict professional atmosphere, but you can take one powerful piece and pair it to your personal style.



Green Coat

Boyfriend Jeans


You can never have too many coats during the cold winter months. Finding rich colors can help add a powerful feel to any outfit, even paired with denim. If you take this coat off, the denim still looks casual, but adding the coat lends an element of texture and luxury. I love how this emerald coat really pops and can be paired with anything, including a tee, print top, or a casual sweater.



Floral Blue Lace

Navy Belted Pants


There’s something about a high waist pant that always looks pulled together. If you enjoy silhouettes the define your waist, this is a great option. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a completely fitted top, you can always choose a blouse for a looser look—it will still look flattering. If you haven’t had a chance to experiment with tucking tops into your pants, I would highly recommend giving it a try before deciding it’s not for you. You may find that some tops that were too loose take on a completely different look.



Flowing Skirt

Solid Top


Pencil skirts and a loose blouse are the normal go-to when you think of professional business wear, but wearing a flowing midi skirt is an option, too. There are many ways to make this work, but an easy trick to make it feel more pulled together is to wear it with a fitted top or sweater.

You can stick with a solid skirt and match the sweater or top in the same color, or you can find a print. There are many great prints out there—the photo above is one of my favorites! I wanted to share a design that was something other than vertical lines or a floral print.





DRESS $79.99 // STUD EARRINGS $55.00

Stud earrings are a great accessory for solids. They not only add sparkle and a special touch to your outfit, but they also make the style look complete. There are stud earrings that are oversized statement pieces and others that are more delicate with intricate designs. Find what works best for you and try something other than a simple studded jewel. You’ll find it makes a huge difference!

Ruffles are a huge trend right now, and I know they aren’t for everyone. I wanted to show a more structured ruffle for you to try.






FLATS $98.95 // SWEATER $169 // PANTS $155

We typically think of a black pump as the shoe to wear for important occasions, but not all of us can wear heels all day. I like to find flats that work well because 80% of my clients prefer flats over heels. This one is a good option if you aren’t commuting or walking outside much during winter. I love the sling back, and the block heel is functionally flat. It’s comfortable, modern, and doesn’t make your look feel dowdy at all.

You can wear pointy toe flats with pants, midi skirts, denim, or dresses. This shoe will go with everything!


Power looks aren’t just for the business world. Whether you’re seeking to dress up your day, prepping for an important occasion, or even craving a confidence boost, there are easy, go-to tricks to pulling your common pieces into stylish elegance.

Your clothes do more than send a message—they affect the way you feel. Clean lines, crisp styles, and effortless grace may be just what you need to level up your looks.

How do you pull off power looks? How do your clothes influence your attitude? Do you plan on using any of the tips above?

Share in the comments below or tag us on Instagram @thecloset.edit. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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