Dressing for Weight Loss

As important as it is to set goals for yourself, I think it’s equally as important to love yourself in the present, just the way you are. I know weight loss is a common new year’s resolution, and achieving it takes a lot of dedication. Whether you lose weight or not, your clothing is going to have to change with you.

When you’re on a mission to lose weight, it’s easy to think that not investing in yourself is the best way to ride out the time as you shed the pounds. But really, if you’re wearing clothes that are dowdy and don’t fit well, you’re not boosting your confidence to help you live your best life now. You shouldn’t wait to buy or wear clothes that fit well, nor should you punish yourself for being a certain size. Start dressing for the body you’re in, even if you’re in the middle of a weight loss journey.

What if you could look in the mirror and accept your curves, even if you’re twenty pounds heavier than you’d like to be? You can love and accept yourself at any size. Shift your worldview and start seeing yourself through a new lens. Empower yourself with clothing that fits your body correctly and emphasizes your best assets.

If you feel good about yourself, you’re going to take care of yourself. Boosting your confidence by looking your best in any size actually helps you lose weight faster and healthier than body shaming. You’ve got to set yourself up for success!


For New Moms

As a new mama, I can’t wait to get back into my regular workout routine. However, I’m well-aware that realistically my sleep, work, and free time have changed completely with this beautiful little girl, and I may or may not ever be the size I was in the next couple months. As I work out the logistics of scheduling workouts, I want to embrace my new curves and love on this moment in my life. I’m truly astounded by what my body has been through these last nine months. It’s stretched, strained, and shifted in order to bring this blessing into the world, and I couldn’t be more in awe of how incredibly magical a woman’s body really is.

Going back to work or just starting to feel like your old self takes months after the baby is born.  Don’t get stuck trying to figure everything out on your own. Take back that put together, powerful “you” whenever you’re ready, and don’t be afraid of exploring how that looks now that you’re a new mom. You might find that after baby, you want to dress differently than you used to. That’s perfectly fine. There will be more activity juggling, more messes, and less time to get ready. Your wardrobe may have to adapt!


Be kind to yourself. Look at your body and honor it with fitting, flattering clothes. Whether you’re trying to shed baby weight or honoring a new year’s resolution, here are five steps to help you dress on your weight loss journey.


Dress in clothing that fits NOW

Seeing clothes that don’t fit you is stressful. Opening your closet and drawers to all the things you cannot wear right now is not motivating in any way, shape, or form. You want to be able to easily get ready and see pieces that you can pull on and leave for any errand, meeting, or event. Don’t torture yourself by hanging up all the clothes that used to fit or purchasing pieces that are two sizes too small.

Store the items that don’t fit somewhere else. Put them in bins, hang them in another closet, or donate the pieces that you won’t wear again.

Start with Key Pieces

It feels good to have new items that fit well! It’s an energy boost to go into a store and look at yourself in the mirror in perfect-fitting pants or an outfit that’s totally flattering. Dressing your body at your current weight will help you bring out the confidence to reach your weight loss goal. If all you have to look forward to are frumpy clothes, you’re not going to feel good about yourself. And if you don’t feel good about yourself, what’s going to motivate you to take care of your body?

Start with one outfit. If you prefer pants, get a pair of pants, a shirt, a jacket or cardigan, a pair of new shoes, and jewelry. If you love dresses, get a new dress, a jacket, jewelry, and shoes. Use this one outfit to create more outfits with the pieces you have at home. Wait to purchase a new outfit after you’ve completed a two-month “Closet Checkup.”

Do a “Closet Checkup” Every Two Months

If your goal is to get on track to lose weight, put a reminder in your calendar to have a “Closet Checkup” every two months. How are your outfits fitting? Have you been keeping track with eating healthier, working out, or following your weight loss program?

A Closet Checkup lets you see results. If you’re sticking to your guns, your clothes should start to feel looser every few months as your body changes. If that’s the case, go out and reward yourself with another outfit!

Keep loving on yourself No Matter What

We all have different metabolisms, body shapes, and personal circumstances that affect how we lose weight. If you made changes and still haven’t lost much, it’s perfectly fine! Love yourself, love where you are now, and embrace the season you’re in.

Remember how you felt looking at yourself in the new clothes that fit well? Take care of yourself and start investing in more outfits that make you feel good. Continue building your wardrobe with versatile pieces, fun colors, or styles that don’t feel temporary.

Change Course if Needed

If weight loss means a lot to you or will improve your health, look into hiring a personal trainer or a nutrition therapist to help you create a plan that works with your body. Investing in a professional can be the most effective way to see results.

If you’re embracing your progress and loving yourself right where you are, continue dressing for your body and do another Closet Checkup in a few months.


No matter your size, your weight, or the number on your tags, never forget that you are on a journey. Nothing in life is permanent, and we find joy by embracing everything in its own season. You are going to achieve much more by loving on yourself than you are by bringing yourself down, so why not dress the part? By finding clothes that fit you and flatter your assets in this season, you’re setting yourself up for success no matter what size you may be.


How do you feel about dressing your body (whatever shape it may be) for success? How do you stay motivated to keep your new year’s resolutions? Share in the comments below or tag us on Instagram @thecloset.edit!


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