Celebrating 2018

As I look back on 2018 I am filled with so much joy because this year has been filled with projects that give back and truly bring people together. In our blog posts, in our videos, in our events we try to find the best content for YOU. The focus is to provide functional fashion advice that will help you actually use the tips we give you. We know you want comfort, affordability, and quality –  so everything we share with you is the best in each category.

If you haven’t come to one of our events, I highly recommend you attend one that seems the best fit for you. At every event we have different groups of people and it’s a wonderful way to learn something new but also make new connections.

Men’s Level Up Event

April 2018

Our first event catered to our guy clients at Seattle Thread Company! This turned out to be a great night of connections with clients and people in our community. Jennifer Saul and I were able to share different business casual looks for men providing tips on how to layer, what brands to try, and what colors to add to your looks. The Goodman Brand was there with giveaways and our special guests, members of Seattle Gents, were there to model all the looks. We were so impressed and please with Melody Vineyards, who provided an assortment of wines for us to try.

We are already working on putting this event on again in Spring 2019.

All the photos and event recap here > https://tannyabstyle.com/2018/04/06/level-up-style-confidence-event/



How to Trim The Fat in Your Closet with King 5 News & more

June 2018

Wow, 5 months in a row on King 5 News! I was able to share with you Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover, How to Trim the Fat in Your Closet, 4th of July Outfit Ideas, Look Put Together Instantly and more. The first time I appeared was to represent Ville Magazine and the ladies on the show loved it and asked me to continue coming to share fashion advice with their audience.

At 4:30 am I woke up excited and ready to share all my finds and was there bright and early for the live morning show. No, this wasn’t a paid gig, I just do it because I love sharing tips and helping people.

Watch one of the clips here >  https://www.king5.com/video/news/fourth-of-july-holiday-fashion-ideas/281-8175925



Stylin’ with Tannya Bernadette on Side Hustlers with Carla Marie

July 2018

Podcasts are the future to helping busy people learn, I personally listen to many while I’m driving around and had it on my list this year to be a guest on one. I reached out to a few people about sharing tips on feel good, functional fashion and Carla Marie loved the idea! As a busy lady she holds onto a ton of clothes and has pieces she said from years ago.

I’m hoping to get into her closet in 2019 to share The Closet Edit experience.

Listen to the podcast here. It’s episode 20 > https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/side-hustlers-with-carla-marie/id1355758583?mt=2


Evening Looks at Little Black Dress Events

September 2018

This is the second year I get to emcee the looks for Divalani Style and this event is crazy fun. The ladies are ready to shop and find new styles to add to their wardrobe. The owner of Divalani, Marta, has been such a wonderful friend in business and personal life. I’m truly grateful that she has included me in her events because it allows me to be in the community more and meet some amazing women.


Creating a Capsule Wardrobe with Alaska Airlines

November 2018

This was a private event for Alaska Airlines but I have to admit, events like this really warm my heart. The ladies that attended really found the advice helpful on creating a capsule wardrobe for their busy travel lives, they told me what they learned, what they wanted to try. My team and I put our heart and soul into everything we do. If we finish something and we were able to inspire and help people, we were successful!


Noir et Blanc

November 2018

An extravagant evening celebrating beauty and fashion at Maison Blanc. This is not our normal kind of event because our team specializes in business casual, weekend wear, everyday functional fashion. But when we were asked to partner for this, we couldn’t resist. The event celebrated the beauty and the art of styling – both with elegant evening wear and masterful hair styles. We worked with local designer Chany Venturini and the dress boutique, Visette, to curate 5 looks that were bold yet timeless in black and white. We know that if our clients are investing in a unique piece, they want something they can wear more than once.

See the full review here > https://thecloseteditreport.com/2018/12/08/celebrating-timeless-fashion-at-noir-et-blanc/


Live Interview: How to find your style in an Instagram perfect world with Leilani Wells

December 2018

Hot topic and I’m going to talk more about this next year. Some photos on Instagram are so perfectly styled that we start to look deeper into the photos. We start envying their travels, their seemingly perfect life, their flawless body, their hair and everything else! It becomes a negative spiral and leads to feeling like we’re not good enough while we chase after it and unachieveable goal. We all value different qualities, have different lives, and goals and being able to embrace that is important.

Leilani Wells is a mom, entrepreneur, social media expert, mentor and creator of Leilani TV, but she wasn’t always successful. She went through a lot of breakdowns and breakthroughs in her life, (as most of us do) but she didn’t let it get to her.


Thank you so much for being a part of our 2018. We can wait to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and many more exciting events in 2019!

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