Celebrating Timeless Fashion at Noir et Blanc

Sometimes these last minute ideas end up being the most exciting. All we needed were three weeks to fully prepare Noir et Blanc because this project had been simmering in our minds for awhile now. We knew we wanted to celebrate fashion by highlighting some of our favorite vendors and business leaders, but also creating an experience that isn’t like a typical fashion show. This wasn’t exactly our normal, workshop type of event, but it was a project where we could connect people to each other, share some of my favorite current trends, and make a fancy fun event in Seattle for people to dress up. The accomplishment of Noir et Blanc was truly to bring together a part of the community that wanted to have a space to celebrate fashion and beauty.


Yes, colors are beautiful, eye catching, extravagant but there is a sense of glamour from a timeless black and white piece. The well crafted dresses and styles we shared were neutral head to toe. They could be worn for years and still keep up with the test of trends that come and go. If you happen to find a dress you absolutely LOVE, investing in it now isn’t a bad idea. Last minute dress shopping is always the most stressful and you never seem to find what you need during those moments. The pieces were by Peruvian designer Chany Venturini, Seattle based dress boutique Visette, furry coats from Divalani Style, and JJ Caprices jewelry from faraway lands.


The life from local businesses brings us special experiences and products we didn’t know even existed! I truly enjoy celebrating all the creatives in my life and was fortunate to put this together with a long time friend Galina Peterson. Her European aesthetic and elegant allure is brought to life in her new hair salon, Maison Blanc. We had a 30 max cap for the event but had many last minute people come and buy tickets at the door and extended our limit. Luckily, no one seemed to mind how crowded it got because they were all enjoying themselves too much to care.

When you shop, when you walk around the city, you’ll find that you can really connect with some business owners. They love pampering their clients and going out of their way to make you feel amazing. In this fast paced, internet growing world, the smaller businesses can help you feel grounded, and provide you with great customer service.


It really takes a community to bring anything together that you envision. I think it’s important to care for others, support your favorite businesses by sharing what you love about them on social media or referring a friend, and finding ways to help each other. This event in particular for 30+ people was organized by our team (my assistant Amanda, stylist Jennifer, and videographer Hilina) and Maison Blanc’s team but we also had the help of Piroshky, Ambassador Wines, our lovely models, Olga Plastino Photography, Eva Blanchard, Yummy Yummy in Seattle, and two male models serving champagne, and at the last minute I was able to borrow the cocktail tables from my friend and owner of Divalani Style, Martha.

Having a group of people who can care for eachother, come together, believe in the same cause is really empowering. You have their back, they have yours and we can create these evenings with the help of our community.

We can’t do it alone!


If we don’t do this, who will? I know we live in Seattle and pretty much all my events are related to functional fashion which is why putting together an over the top fancy party is a dream for some people living in this city. There are people that want to dress up but feel there’s no place to do it. We made a night for them to come, meet other inspirational leaders in the community, enjoy a glass of champagne, and learn about new designers. You don’t have to love fashion to go out in a fancy dress and feel empowered, sexy, or special. It’s open to everyone!

I know there is this weird thing some people do here to try to make you feel uncomfortable when you dress up by asking you if you have an interview or a date. Don’t let people bring you down to their level or make you feel bad for not fitting in. They get used to it and forget about commenting on how you dress after awhile.

We always here to support you in any fashion help you have! If you couldn’t make it out to Noir et Blanc, we hope to see you at our next party.

Written by Tannya Bernadette

Photos & Video by Hilina Kidane

Makeup & Hair by Maison Blanc

Outfits Styled by The Closet Edit

Clothing from Divalani Style, Visette Boutique, JJ Caprices, Chany Venturini


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