Trust the Process for Confident Decisions

Making decisions can be daunting, especially when it comes to big choices such as hiring a new employee or investing in yourself. Giving yourself permission to trust the process can be a weighty responsibility, but it’s essential in making decisions for ourselves, our families, and our work team.

As we navigate life, we’ll face difficult decisions that require us to invest in ourselves. Saying “I’m worth investing in” or “I want to make life easier for myself” are powerful statements that can truly change our lives. But once we make that commitment, we must trust the process and those guiding us.

Whether it’s investing in a therapist, a stylist, hiring new team members, or a photographer, we must let the experts take charge and show us a new way of doing things. It’s important to let go and let someone else guide us toward new possibilities and opportunities. 

Trusting the process is beneficial for three key reasons: 

1. It helps you realize your objectives and aspirations. 

Trusting the process means understanding that any achievement requires work, diligence, and patience. It helps you embrace the journey and focus on the process rather than the result, which eventually leads to success. When you are committed to the process, you become more determined, focused, and calm in realizing your objectives and aspirations.

2. It empowers you to attain the desired outcomes.

Any progress involves setbacks, failures, and obstacles. By trusting the process, you learn to adapt to these challenges, and you become more resilient and capable of solving issues that arise. When you have faith in the process and believe that they lead to the intended outcomes, you become more empowered, and you have the confidence to make informed decisions and choices.

3. It saves time and energy.

There are no shortcuts to success. When you try to skip steps, you waste valuable time and energy, and you might end up with unsatisfactory results. But if you learn to trust the process, you’ll be able to avoid shortcuts and cut straight to what matters, which ultimately saves you time and energy. You’ll be able to maximize your potential by staying focused on the right path, and this reduces the possibilities of procrastination, indecision, or burnout.

However, when you lack trust in the process, you:

– Undermine the alignment between your goals and actions.

– Resist change and don’t have the right mindset.

– You can’t envision your future self.

– You attempt to control areas of your life where you have no power or influence.

As someone who has always been in charge, running a team, and helping people make decisions on how to spend their money, I’ve learned that finding the right people to help you can feel liberating. It enables you to delegate tasks and trust the experts to deliver the best results. 

When you embrace the journey and trust the process, you’ll enjoy the sense of progress, confidence, and success that follows.

Your Stylist,

tannya bernadette

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