How to Set Goals for 2023: Do THIS First

When you’re thinking about how to set goals for 2023, I have some advice: delete what you don’t need anymore before you add more to your list of goals. Take away the parts of what you did that felt exhausting, and say no to the commitments that took you away from what you were trying to achieve.

When you make big goals, you need a roadmap on how to get there. This can be a checklist that answers, how do I achieve this? That checklist can have three or more tasks of what you need to do or add to make it happen. It can feel overwhelming after writing it down. 

I want you to achieve all the big vision pieces on your board. The dreams in your heart and your mind. Stepping into that place takes more self-reflection than a to-do list. Being more aware of yourself is the first step to achieving your big goals for 2023. There’s a lot to learn from your past to create a realistic plan you can get through.

I get excited about what I want to accomplish for my clients. I’ve made it a priority to share with them what they need to let go of and why. The past year I’ve been on top of my closet evaluations with clients explaining why they feel stuck in a style that doesn’t work for them, what they need to take away, and let go to make room for the clothing that will help them achieve their style goals. It makes a huge difference and helps them understand why these new items tie into what they want and why what they had doesn’t serve their goals anymore.

To achieve new goals, you have to know what isn’t serving you anymore and why.  

Now you can take your goals and think of them differently to make them accessible. Don’t just make a to-do list of everything you need to add. Take a look at the whole part of last year and yourself. Let’s walk through how to put this into place:

1. What big goal do you have for the new year? Or what is your intentional word for the year?

Set an important goal or an intentional word for the new year. For example, your goal can be to make yourself a priority and add more self-care to help you be the best version of yourself. To give you the energy and boost to pour more into your personal life and work. Or set an intention for what you want your year to look like. Maybe that word is “courage.” Courage to go after your dream job or face your fear of conflict in order to have more meaningful relationships.

2. When you look into your goals, how does this person act, dress, and what kind of things do they like to do?

As someone who takes care of themselves, this person creates boundaries. She can say no when something doesn’t align with an act of self-care, and she says yes to the things that bring her joy. She dresses in a way that looks confident, feels good in her body just as it is, and owns her style. Appreciating alone time but prioritizing friendships is important to her.

Writing out the actions is a powerful exercise in itself. It helps you see, wait, the things I was doing don’t fully line up with this person. That’s why I haven’t been able to achieve this. Now it’s easier to see first what I need to let go of to step into this person.

3. What will you have to let go of to be that person and achieve that goal?

Keeping with that same goal, let’s say to do this, you have to let go of eating dessert 5 nights a week because it doesn’t let you sleep well. You’ve already noticed a difference in your energy when you sleep with sugar in your system and at night when you go without it. You must also let go of starting your morning with work because it digs into your anxiety. Let’s say to care more for yourself also means letting go of the clothing that makes you feel sloppy, that doesn’t fit well anymore, clothing is either too tight or too big, making you feel unattractive and not like your best self.

Getting clear not on what you want to let go but also the why behind it gives that piece more power.

4. What are your instant wins? This helps put into perspective what parts of you or your life you can use right now that will help you achieve these goals.

You start your day early and get off work earlier, so you have extra time to fit in some activities promoting self-care. A friend who enjoys working out regularly and can inspire and motivate you to get started. You have a pair of pants you LOVE wearing because it fits in all the right places, and you know that other clothing options could add to that to make you feel your best.

Even saying all that out loud feels good, and this goal isn’t mine! Seeing how there are so many wins in your life right now that you have access to support and things at arm’s length to make this happen makes it feel so good, like it’s easy and you can make it happen.

5. After evaluating and looking at the full picture, you can now see what you can add and who you need to be to make this goal happen.

Before going to bed, start a journaling practice to help clear your mind. You wake up, have a delicious breakfast before work, and start your day well. You can talk to your friend who enjoys working out and see if you can tag along or see what she’s enjoyed and try it. Find an activity like dancing, drawing, or anything that becomes a hobby and promotes care. Buy a few new outfits that fit your body and life so you can wear these pieces often.

Is there someone in your life who is also into reflecting over the past year and goal setting to whom you can send this? Connect with someone you love just by sharing this blog. It’s helpful when we share things we are learning or books and podcasts that inspire us. I challenge you to share what you learn with those around you and start new conversations in 2023.

I wish you all a beautiful new year!

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