9 Comfy Pieces To Wear Around The House

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Your loungewear style might need a boost because of the pandemic. Are your around the house outfits where you want them to be?


Let’s think for a second: what’s currently in your loungewear drawer?

  • Mismatched tops and bottoms
  • Old clothes you migrated to loungewear status
  • Ill-fitting, stained, or ripped items


If you checked off any or all of the above, it’s time to edit what you have!


Just like your closet full of everyday wear, your loungewear drawer needs a lift, too! Especially now that being at home more often is part of your lifestyle.


Set your goal to have at least 4 good sets of homebody clothes that you actually feel good wearing. They shouldn’t make you feel frumpy; instead, your new around the house clothes will make you feel cozy and stylish!


This goes out to my guys reading too! Replace the old, oversized, faded shirts with holes in them and refresh them with tees that fit well and allow you to run errands if needed.


Here are my 9 top favorite looks to refresh your style for around the house.


Bohme Casualwear and Athleisure Wear

Deanna Pullover in Olive // BOHME $38.50


Deanna Sweatpants in Olive

Deanna Sweatpants in Olive // BOHME $38.50


You need a cool set of loungewear that is stylish enough to take you anywhere.


Bohme concentrates on casualwear, and recently they added some athleisure wear to their site. This matching set is cool enough to wear outside of your home to run errands or hang out with the kiddos around the house. You’ll even achieve “cool mom” status with this outfit.


Neutral Head To Toe Around The House Set

Stacy Pullover // FABLETICS $49.50


Cloe Slim Sweatpants

Cloe Slim Sweatpant // FABLETICS $59.96


A neutral head to toe combo is the most modern way to dress, yet is still classic.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand is always adding new styles to their online shop to give you the best options for workout wear and loungewear.


Simplicity-lovers: this outfit will give you that put-together feel you want. The sweater is short and a great piece to pair with high waist, tailored joggers or also your favorite leggings.


Winter Wonderland Pajamas and Loungewear for Around The House

PJ Set for the Holidays

Let’s Get Toasty Long Sleeve Top // P.J. SALVAGE $62.00


Jam Silky Velvet Pants

Jam Silky Velvet Pants // PJ SALVAGE $48.00


Get into the holiday spirit with snowflake pajamas. PJ Salvage is a brand local to the Seattle area and specializes in PJ sets and loungewear, lots of great options from their website and from Nordstrom.com


This cozy fleece set is a happy mix to your around the house loungewear looks with the snowflake print and light blue pants. It adds a bright spot to your normally neutral looks. 


Plush and Soft Loungewear Set

Lou & Gray Plush Hoodie //  LOFT $79.50


Lou and Gray Plush Joggers

Lou & Gray Plush Joggers //  LOFT $79.50


This plush set is so soft, you’ll want to live in it! Wearing pink head to toe is the perfect look for the part of you that enjoys a more feminine style.


This is a good loungewear option perfect for sitting in a corner and working on your laptop for hours.



Lululemon Loungewear for Men

Menswear Lululemon

City Sweat Zip Hoodie French Terry // LULULEMON $128.00


Lululemon Menswear

Surge Warm Long Sleeve // LULULEMON $98.00


Surge Jogger 29″ // LULULEMON $118.00


Yes, there are Lululemon options for men. The fit to these are best for men that enjoy a slimmer cut and want loungewear that they can wear around the town for errands, too! The fabric is breathable and lightweight so you can feel comfortable as you go about your day around the house.


Hoodie and Jogger for Men

Nordstrom Menswear

Good Man Brand Legend Slim Fit Pullover Hoodie // NORDSTROM $128.00


Mens Slim Fit Joggers

Good Man Brand Pro Slim Fit Joggers // NORDSTROM $128.00


The classic hoodie and jogger pants combo is always a favorite. The Goodman Brand does a great job in creating casual wear that is stylish and feels put together.


If you don’t own a dark red hoodie, add one to your wardrobe for a colorful addition to your loungewear. Break this look apart to wear with other combinations. The hoodie can be worn with your favorite denim, and the joggers can be paired with tees and jackets you have in your closet.


Sleep Pants with Wicking Technology

Seattle Thread Company T-Shirt

Raffi Subtle Textured Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt // SEATTLE THREAD COMPANY $62.00


Seattle Thread Co Sleep Pants

SAXX Snooze Comfort Fit Sleep Pant // SEATTLE THREAD COMPANY $65.00


This around the house set is perfect for days where you don’t need to head outside. The SAAX sleep pants have a moisture-wicking modal that feels good against your body. Its relaxed fit will keep you comfortable as you lounge around.


Odor-Resistant Loungewear

Good Man Brand Hoodie

Good Man Brand Pro Zip Hoodie // NORDSTROM $198.00


Menswear Madewell T-Shirt

Silver Crew Neck T-Shirt // MADEWELL $42.00


Menswear Sweatpants ACE

Ace Sweatpant // MACK WELDON $78.00


Looking for a trick to keep your pieces smelling fresh after a long day around the house? These pants and shirt by Mack Weldon are made with a special Silver XT2 fabric that’s been used by NASA, Olympic athletes, and the US Special Forces for years.


The fabric is the secret they use to keep their clothes fresh for extended periods of time. Definitely a must-have for your at-home looks. Top the look off with a zip hoodie to keep you warm.


What are your favorite loungewear pieces from this guide? Share in the comments below.


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