Happy X Nature Review // Spring 2020 Haul

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The news is in on my Happy X Nature review! Why am I reviewing Kate Hudson’s new, eco-friendly fashion line? There are so many online stores now and tons of ads bombarding my social media. Though I much prefer shopping in a store to buying online, I thought, why not start purchasing items and sharing my reviews? I’m always looking for ways to stay relevant and reach my clients, so this is the perfect opportunity to help you shop for your own closet at home!

Kate Hudson has a NEW clothing line aside from Fabletics—Happy X Nature. This clothing line reflects Kate’s fun, flirty styles. Happy X Nature highlights breezy, easygoing looks that you can easily mix and match with what you already have in your closet while also providing fun textures that enable you to show off something truly unique. I went ahead and purchased a few items for the new line, and here are my conclusions.

To get a visual deep-dive of my assessment, check out the video!

What I Purchased:











Happy X Nature Pros:

What I LOVE about her new line is that everything is eco-friendly. The clothing is made of up to 80% recycled cotton and polyesters, which is a huge plus. The packaging is also made of recycled wood. Prints and color are my thing, so I’m always happy to find brands that make it easy to wear bright, fun pieces.

Happy X Nature review patterns

Happy X Nature Cons:

The not-so-great parts of the line are that the fit is a little off. If you style it correctly, you can totally pull off the looks, but it may take a little finagling. The tops I ordered were a small, but they still hung pretty blousy on me. I had to tuck them in. The denim didn’t fit at all, and a size down would’ve been too small.

Happy X Nature review pants and blouse

My Verdict:

Happy X Nature is perfect for injecting some fun pieces into your base wardrobe, but buy sparingly. Most of what they have isn’t everyday-friendly, so you probably shouldn’t go out and purchase a whole closet full of pastels and patterns. Keep your wardrobe stocked with dependable staples, and mix and match fun, flirty pieces with your tried and true capsule wardrobe.


I hope you enjoyed my Happy X Nature review! What do you think about Kate Hudson’s new line? Is Happy X Nature something you’d want to try, or are the looks just not for you? 

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  1. Farhana Ahmad says:

    I’m a big fan of Happy X Nature….I Love their collections.Started to shop at NY&Company and that’s how came out to know with Kate Hudson line.i know NY&Company is going out of business and I’m sad to know that I’m not gonna see Kate Hudson clothing like anymore…..I looked on website and cant find Happy X Nature website too.I hope they comes back in the business very soon..best wishes.

    • I know!!!! I loved how it was eco-friendly AND stylish. Lots of stores are going bankrupt, I’m going to be doing a video and blog for the future of fashion and what to expect so stay tuned!!!

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