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If you find yourself stuck, you can’t get out of your style or achieve what you want. Listen up! Mindset and the perception you have of yourself make a difference. I’ve worked with plus-size clients who have a ton more confidence than some of my more petite clients, and let me tell you, their pant […]

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Have you felt self-conscious about your body? Like everyone can see all of your insecurities? It’s totally common, and as a stylist, I often remind my clients that no one’s watching their perceived flaws. The little things we get caught up in our bodies are things people don’t even notice. I recently worked with a […]

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    As important as it is to set weight loss goals for yourself, I think it’s equally as important to be loving to the present you right now.   Be loving to the present you.   Weight loss goals and diet talk seem to be common conversations in our society, but what about talking […]

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