Personal Stylists Q&A: Get to Know Kloet and Tannya!

When it comes to the fashion industry, you don’t see a lot of Latina women in power roles. I don’t talk much about my culture or background, but I thought learning more about the new Lead Stylist at The Closet Edit, Kloet, and I would be fun! Get to know the personal stylists!

If you’ve been on The Closet Edit Instagram, you have probably seen Kloet. She and I have been creating reels and stories of us going into boutiques, working with clients, and sharing different outfits we put together. If you aren’t already, follow us on Instagram @thecloset.edit!

Kloet and I grew up in Hispanic backgrounds. My mom is Peruvian, and she grew up in the culture, the food, and the music, and Kloet comes from a Mexican background.

In this episode, we start with a dive into our past but then move on to talk more about how that influenced us today in fashion and who we are.

Here are some of the topics we hit today:

  • Spanish culture: What we grew up seeing as fashion for women and men
  • How our style has evolved from youth
  • Favorite Trend of the moment to wear
  • Favorite Trend that our clients are loving
  • The goal we have as stylists for 2023
  • And more!

Spanish culture: What we grew up seeing as fashion for women and men

When Kloet was growing up, she remembers her dad always wearing his work clothes and only dressed up for church on Sundays or if they went out to a nice event. Her mom dressed casually as well but was also very fashionable.

“She does have an eye for putting things together, and I probably get it from her,” she said. “This shirt is hers, and I steal her clothes all the time. She definitely has been an inspiration for my style and having that creative outlook on clothing.”

Kloet’s mom enjoys playing around with colors and doesn’t follow trends. She wears what she likes, even pieces she’s had for years or found at a thrift store. She has an eye for putting an outfit together that always impresses her friends!

“That inspired me to follow that and not care about always following trends,” Kloet said.

I grew up similarly to Kloet. My dad wears a white t-shirt and light color Levi’s jeans almost every day. My mom is very feminine, putting makeup on, curling her hair, and always looking put together. I wasn’t influenced by her style, per se, but looking put together.

My style influence from my family comes from my aunt, my mom’s sister. When she was young, she always used to party and had such fun clothing!

My aunt also doesn’t follow the trends but wears bright colors, is very toned, and looks great in skirts and dresses.

She still acts like she’s 30, which I love. She’s a wild child!

My aunt would buy boxes of clothes and get mad because I would try them on and play with them before she could. It was so fun dressing up.

Since I kept wearing what she bought, my aunt would take my best friend and me to buy a beautiful New Year’s outfit every year.

Another similarity between Kloet and my background is that our families were collectors.

My mom didn’t have much money growing up, so she feared that she might need it or can use it. She didn’t want to put more money into something, so my mom holds onto a lot even to this day.

“Our families are very sentimental about things, and I think it’s cultural,” Kloet said.

How our style has evolved from youth

In elementary school, Kloet wore her purple NorthFace and jeans every day.

In middle school, it hit her that she liked fashion, dressing up, and looking nice.

“I think I was very girly. I remember wearing a mint green skirt with my Dr. Martens boots, ruffle socks and a cute sweater with a heart on it, and I would wear different versions of that to school,” Kloet recalled.

Recently, Kloet only sometimes follows the trends and plays around with different styles.

“Now I wear what I like and looks good, and I think that’s what’s really changed,” she said. “Like right now, I think I look very 70s.”

So, what has stayed the same for Kloet’s style?

“I still wear my Dr. Martens. and love colors,” she said.

Growing up, my mom picked out my clothes. I had a little sister who was three years younger, and I think up until nine or ten years old, my mom bought us matching outfits. We wore out matching outfits every day.

Mine would be purple, and my sister would be pink, but it was the same outfit!

Then, I had a tomboy phase and tried to get attention from my dad. I eventually let that go because I love fashion and am like a girly girl.

In high school, my style was very different from my classmates, and my friends wore all Abercrombie or all black. Since I didn’t have much money growing up, I created my own style because I didn’t care to look like everyone else.

In all the pictures growing up from middle school until I graduated high school, there’s me in between all of these people in Abercrombie or all black, and I’m in a dress or colorful!

My style has evolved in a way that it feels more mature. I’m still very feminine but add more power pieces to my closet. I like that powerful element that makes a girly piece edgier.

Favorite Trend of the moment to wear

Fashion is in a fun place right now where you can wear almost anything. If you feel confident in what you’re wearing, you can pull it off.

Kloet’s favorite trends are, of course, colors! She sees many shades of blues and greens, perfect for spring and summer!

For me, I’m embracing more crop tops. Seeing celebrities and clients embracing their bodies, power, and feminine selves inspires me to enjoy my body right now, wherever it is.

My family and I are going to Italy this summer, and I bought all these crop dresses and crop shirts with skirts. Last year I didn’t feel comfortable with it, and this year, I’m like, why not?

Kate Hudson was recently at the Michael Kors fashion show. She wore this beautiful, elegant black crop top and a high-waist black skirt with a blazer over her shoulders. She looked so sleek and elegant. We can all wear crop tops!

Favorite Trend that our clients are loving

Kloet is noticing many of our men clients are enjoying sports coats. Almost every man we shop for leaves with a sport coat!

“I think it’s because it’s a nice light jacket to have for spring and summer and makes you look very put together and nice,” she said.

Trying a different piece instantly sparks joy, and you can see the confidence in our male clients.

Women clients are more open to wearing pants other than skinny jeans. In the beginning, as the wide-leg pants were becoming popular a couple of years ago, only a few clients were on board.

Now clients come to me, saying, “I’m done with the skinny jeans. Can we explore something more comfortable and different?”

You can still wear skinny jeans, but having another option to how clients can wear their clothing and create new outfits, I love that people are exploring that.

The goal we have as stylists for 2023

Kloet is excited to work with someone open to unique pieces and network with more people in Seattle.

“I think, especially where we live in Seattle, it’s hard to wear very different pieces because nobody wears much of that here,” she said. “Everyone is very casual with very muted colors. Finding those unique pieces would be really fun.”

Covid put me on pause for doing a lot of press and things in the community, and I recently was inspired.

At the end of 2022, I wanted to get out again and do what I did before. I was very much in the community, and that’s how I’ve met so many people.

I’ve made it such an initiative lately to reach out to people I worked at in the past that I enjoy and new people I want to work with, like someone from McQueen’s Champagne bar. You’re going to see something coming soon with them! I’m also looking forward to celebrating my 14th work anniversary.

I love working with clients one-on-one, and another aspect of business brings me a lot of joy with connecting and helping different people this year.

Is there an ideal client that we specialize in?

Kloet can sew, so she specializes in knowing what fits you and what goes with your body type. 

I enjoy working with all of my clients, especially people who are transitioning in their life from something. I work well with helping people feel comfortable. That can be different things like dating again, changing body weight, and becoming a mom.

Those scenarios in your life where you’re trying to figure out why things no longer work for me? What do I need to do differently and stay true to myself?

Have a style question or struggle? Send them to us at! We’ll hop on here every couple of months to answer your questions!

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Your Stylist,

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