Style Has No Age or Size

You become what you focus on. As women, we’ve been programmed to think about numbers. The number of our pant size and the numbers of our age. Where’s the room to be human, grow, get wiser, and change? We can still rock an outfit no matter where our body is at the moment because style has no age or size.

I find beauty in the change and the power that comes from turning a year older. Embracing these two sides of who we are is the best way to go through life with grace. If you start to feel uncomfortable with your body or getting older, ask yourself, what can I do to make this transition easier for myself? You get to decide what works for you. That could mean finding new clothing that fits well, doing new activities, or changing your schedule to have more you time.

There is no rule of thumb to define how to become more accepting of our bodies. The only piece of advice I give is not to hide. Don’t hide the body that brought you here today. It defied all odds. Don’t hide the body that shows the lines of time you’ve lived and the growth you’ve made as an individual.

Embrace it all. The body you have is the one that will continue moving you forward, it’s the only one you have here on earth to continue building and creating the life you love.

The time I had with Georgina and Kathy was not enough. They are beautiful in all the ways. The conversations, their message, and their passions are all contagious. As yoga teachers, they often find themselves in comfy leggings all day. There are a few styles they know work for them outside of workout wear. They rarely get to explore new options. Our session opened the door to new brands, colors, and styles to try.

I know a bit about both of them. I pulled fun, casual, and dressier options to show them what they could wear off the yoga mat. It had been 2 or 3 years since I last saw them, and I was still able to pull together looks that fit them well. The colorful pieces really got them excited to try on some outfits!

In the video, you can hear more about what they’ve struggled with regarding style and what they found helpful about our session.

Those smiles, all that fun, they rocked all the looks and were happy to find new pieces they would have never picked up on their own. Georgina was obsessed with the silky blazer; she didn’t get it. She was on a budget and had to prioritize other pieces first. We documented the moment, and she got to keep the memory of the blazer with jeans.

The best part about working with a stylist is having an open space to explore new options without feeling pressured to buy pieces. It’s about opening new possibilities to expand on what works best for you.

As always, I’m here to support you,

tannya bernadette

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Style Has No Age or Size

Kathy and Georgina’s Outfit

Nordstrom Halogen Cap Sleeve Wrap Shirtdress

Style Has No Age or Size

Left Kathy’s Outfit

Nordstrom Shoulder Bow Tiered Ruffle Crinkle Chiffon Blouse // Amber Raw Hem Ankle Straight Leg Jeans

Right Georgina’s Outfit

Nordstrom Shoulder Bow Tiered Ruffle Crinkle Chiffon Blouse // Rachael Fab Ab Ripped High Waist Raw Hem Mom Jeans

Style Has No Age or Size

Left Kathy’s Outfit

Nordstrom Gathered Blouse // Maeve Ponte Pants

Right Georgina’s Outfit

Nordstrom Gathered Blouse // Nordstrom Straight Leg Pants

Style Has No Age or Size

Left Kathy’s Outfit

Sanctuary Nordstrom Golden Hour Tie Hem Tank // Drape Satin Palazzo Pants

Right Georgina’s Outfit

Nina Parker Trendy Plus Size Cropped Tank, Created for Macy’s // Bar III Women’s Printed Wide-Leg Pants, Created for Macy’s

Macy's Style Has No Age or Size

Left Georgina’s Outfit

Bar III Trendy Plus Size Ribbed-Knit Crop Top, Created for Macy’s // Cece Wide Leg Crop Pants

Right Kathy’s Outfit

Sanctuary The Perfect Print T-Shirt // Paige Amber Raw Hem Ankle Straight Leg Jeans

Nordstrom Style Has No Age or Size

Left Kathy’s Outfit

Halogen Cap Sleeve Wrap Shirtdress

Right Georgina’s Outfit

Caslon Textured Petal Sleeve Top // Kut From The Kloth Rachael Fab Ab Ripped High Waist Raw Hem Mom Jeans

  1. Kathy says:

    I love every session with you! Beyond knowledge and experiences, you bring such a passion to help us all find our beautiful selves and expand our horizons! Every age and stage is wonderful!

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