These 5 Tips Will Help You Dress For Your Body During Weight Loss




As important as it is to set weight loss goals for yourself, I think it’s equally as important to be loving to the present you right now.


Be loving to the present you.


Weight loss goals and diet talk seem to be common conversations in our society, but what about talking more on how to still feed good during the process? Whether you lose weight or not, your clothing is going to have to change with you.


Dress For Your Current Body


When you’re on a mission to lose weight, it’s easy to think that not investing in yourself is the best way to ride out this “in between” time as you shed the pounds. 


But really, if you’re wearing clothes that are dowdy and don’t fit well, you won’t get a great boost of confidence to help you live your life right now. Why would you get on a Zoom call in an outfit that made you feel less than you are? Why would you wake up every morning to put on clothing that you know you’re settling for?


You shouldn’t wait to buy clothes that fit well once you hit your goal weight. Ultimately, you’re punishing yourself for not being a certain size. 


Start dressing for your body how it is right now, even in the midst of your weight loss journey. Give yourself that boost of confidence now because you are walking through life in this body. Love your body, nourish it, and dress it well.


Love and Accept Your Body As It Looks Now


What if you could look in the mirror and accept your curves—even if you’re 20 pounds heavier than you’d like to be?


Loving and accepting your body can be shifted when you see yourself in clothing that fits well. If you wear clothing that drapes well on your body so you don’t feel self-conscious and instead you see your beautiful, shining self, this will make such a huge change in your attitude and how you take on your day.


This little confidence booster can actually help you with the changes you need to make to start fitting into a smaller pair of pants. You’ve got to set yourself up for success.


For New Moms

As a new mom, I’m in a similar boat right now where it’s on my list to get back to my regular workout routine. I also know that my sleep schedule, work calendar, and amount of free time has changed completely with this beautiful little girl. I know I may or may not ever be the size I was before pregnancy within the next couple of months. 

As I work out the logistics of scheduling workouts, I want to embrace my new curves and love this moment in my life. I’m truly astounded by what it’s been through during pregnancy. It’s stretched and moved around to bring this blessing into the world and I couldn’t be more in awe of how incredibly magical a woman’s body really is. 

It’ll take a few months after baby is born before you start to feel like yourself again. Don’t get stuck in this phase of figuring it out on your own. Take back that put-together, powerful you once you’re ready and don’t be afraid of exploring how that looks now as a new mom. You might find after baby you want to dress differently than you used to, and that’s ok too. There will be more juggling of activities, more messes, and less time to get ready.

Be kind to yourself. Look at your body and dress it in clothing that fits.

Below I share five tips to help you dress during your transition time to losing weight—no matter where you are in your journey.


1. Dress In Clothing That Fits NOW


dress in clothing that fits



Having clothes that don’t fit you is stressful. Every time you open your closet or open your drawers, they’re in your face. Having a ton of clothes you cannot wear right now is not motivating for weight loss in any way.

You want to be able to get ready easily and see pieces that you can pull on for any errand, a meeting, or a date. Don’t torture yourself by showcasing all the clothes that used to fit or purchasing pieces that are 2 sizes too small. 

Solution: Store the items that don’t fit you somewhere else. Put them away out of sight in bins, in another closet, or get rid of it and donate it. This is the best way to actually see what you have that fits properly, what you’ll wear, and what you need to start building your key basics.

2. Purchase Key Pieces to Get Started





It feels good to have new items that fit well! It’s an energy boost to go into a store and look at yourself in the mirror in great fitting pants or outfit that makes you feel sexy.

Dressing your body at your current weight will help bring you more motivation to work towards your goal. If you’re waking up and wearing dowdy pieces because you want to “wait to lose the weight,” you’re not setting yourself up for the best way to take on your weight loss goals.

Solution: Start by purchasing one head-to-toe outfit, including the accessories. Then at home, break up this outfit to create more outfits with the pieces you already have in your closet. Re-wear your favorite items often. If you find you’re loving the way you feel, buy another outfit. Don’t spend too much money until your check in after 2 months….

3. Check-In With Your Weight and Closet After 2 Months


Check Weight



If your goal was to get on track to lose weight, put a reminder in your calendar in 2 months to check in with yourself. Have you been keeping track with eating healthier, working out, or whatever it is you were doing to lose weight? Be honest with yourself and the expectations you have.

If you’ve noticed that you haven’t been on track, it’s time to evaluate whether or not you want to keep living in an in-between state of not living your best full life and stepping into accepting your body right now.

Solution: Seeing weight loss results, whether on the scale or because your clothes are fitting looser? Go out and buy another outfit or two. Keep your purchases to small increments in case you start to lose more weight in the coming months.

4. Not Seeing a Big Difference? Keep Loving Yourself!


Love Yourself



We all have different metabolisms, body shapes, and personal circumstances that can affect how we lose weight. If you made changes and still haven’t lost much, it’s ok! Love where you are now and embrace it.

Remember how you felt looking at yourself in the new clothes that fit well? You want more of that in your life, not beating yourself up for not being at a certain weight or size.

Take care of yourself and start investing in more outfits that fit well. Continue building your wardrobe with versatile pieces, fun colors or styles that don’t feel temporary anymore. 

Solution: Not seeing results? Shop again and get another outfit or two. Love your body the way it is now, and see where it takes you when you stop waiting for that one day when you hit your weight loss goals. You’ll start to build your closet and style.


5. Change Course if Needed




If weight loss means a lot to you or it will better your health, look into hiring a personal trainer or a nutritionist to help you create a plan that will work with your body. Investing in professional help can be the most effective way to see results.

I know… asking for help in life is not always easy, but it’s a must if you’re serious about something and are tired of struggling to figure it out on your own.

Friend, keep shining in your life. I hope you take at least one of these tips and put it into practice to start living your life fully—today. 

What did you find most helpful? Comment below!



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  2. Angela says:

    This was a nice thing to read. It was surprisingly what I needed to hear, I’m usually reading things that just make me shrug, but this was actually what I was hoping for. Pleasant.

  3. Lisa says:

    Found this awesome subscription service that speaks well to it. Love it and thought I’d share.

    It’s called Apples & Pears.

  4. Angelica says:

    Finally an amazing article that lifted my spirit, promotes body positivity, self-love and self-compassion! This article came just at the right time and now I can’t wait to go shopping for a new outfit!

  5. Angela Stellato says:

    Dress for where I am now.
    This last few weeks have become increasingly difficult to get dressed for work in the morning.
    I was trying to avoid shopping for a few more months.
    Now I’ll allow myself a couple of new items that fit.
    Thank you.

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