5 Ways to Use Accessories as a Statement Piece 

How can you use accessories as a statement piece? It’s the little things that matter the most. The overall look and feel of our outfits can be positively impacted by incorporating bold details. Check out my top 5 accessory trends of the season and see how they can make a statement through anything you wear.

Nail Art

nails as statement pieces


For me, a set of freshly painted nails is the biggest confidence booster. In 2020, I’ve seen an extensive amount of influencers posting their nail art online. Since we’re all staying home more than expected, it’s time to pull out the nail polish and get creative! Make doing your nails fun with abstract lines, new shapes, and a blend of lively colors. This is your time to play around with different designs. You can add a random dot, squiggly line, or a colored french tip. Allow your imagination to run free! 


Layered Jewelry

layered jewelry statement pieces


Jewelry can make all the difference when putting together an outfit, so why not add more to the mix? Layering your jewelry pieces will add dimension to any look. You may think “less is more,” but when it comes to those dainty necklaces, bracelets, and rings, the more the merrier! Don’t be shy to play with texture so that each individual piece can stand out. Look out for thick chains, pearls, shells, charms, and chokers to pair together this season. They’re small but powerful ways to use your accessories as a statement piece. 


Square Mule Sandals

blue mules accessories


Square mule sandals are currently the go-to summer shoe in women’s fashion. This footwear creates a feminine feeling with the elegance of the square sole. These can be easily paired with jeans, wide leg pants, high waisted shorts, dresses, or any skirt. They are incredibly versatileand not to mention cozy, too! With the low heel element, the mule creates more height along with the satisfaction of comfort. Play around with these and try a brighter color palette. Pastels, neons, and 80s hues are great options for this highly sought-after footwear.

Satin Scarf Headbands



The scarf headband is endless in versatility with half up half downs, low messy buns, high pony’s, or a simple pushed back look. A headband can truly be your answer to everything you need. Having a bad hair day? Running late? Grab your favorite headband. Go from simple to chic with this staple accessory by incorporating more patterns to your wardrobe. Look for a blend of colors and prints when shopping for that perfect satin scarf. This is a chance to experiment with your style and stand out in the best way possible. 


Bold Belts

layered jewelry statement piece


Make your outfit more polished by adding a statement belt to the look. For me, a cute belt can be a game-changer in completing an outfit. To draw attention to what you’re wearing, belts will break up the entire flow of your look. You can coordinate your outfit by matching your belt to other accessories. For example, a black leather belt with gold embellishments would look great paired with a similar purse and pair of shoes. This allows you to play around with different colors and patterns for the rest of your outfit. Some key belt styles to look into this season are animal prints, clear straps, and large buckle embellishments. This easy addition is going to make you feel more put together and ready to conquer your day. 

How are you going to try to use accessories as a statement piece? Which of these styles stands out most to you?

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