Spring into Color—in Your Closet or Online!

The last few months have been pretty crazy, but you can brighten up these gloomy days with new colors in your wardrobe. I hope this content can bring some light to what’s going on in the world. It’s especially important for me to provide you with relevant content, so please feel free to message me or comment on any post if there’s something you’d like to see more of.

I’ve had so many of you share how to work with what’s in your closet and how to make the most of online shopping. I want to highlight a few colors of spring 2020 you might just find in your closet and share a few online recommendations. The variety of dark and light colors is versatile and wonderful when it comes to varying options. It can be discouraging when you walk into a store and ONLY find pastels. As great as they may seem for spring, one color palette doesn’t work for everyone.

The video below illustrates how I found items from my closet that matched spring 2020’s color guide and fashion finds from InStyle Magazine. Check it out for easy tips and tricks!

Flame Scarlet


The bright option is bold and fierce. There’s no way you’ll get lost in a crowd with this one! It’s also a year-round favorite. This fiery shade is found all over the place, but I wanted to share a dress option for the ladies who enjoy a professional body con style. It’s knit and comfortable for wearing all day. The top is a great option for denim in white, cream, light blue, or even faded black.

Faded Denim

HUTTON BLAZER $159.00 // JUMPSUIT $49.00

This blue looks like clear skies and is such a comforting, happy color. You can find it in prints or wear it as a solid this season. A long blazer is a wonderful option if you are tall or have a long waist. I love it in a blazer because it makes the jacket feel less stuffy. Of course, I had to add a jumpsuit! This one is such a wonderful casual option that will make you feel ready for anything.

Biscay Green

MAXI DRESS $370.00 // RUFFLED CAMI $59.00

The most exciting color on this list has got to be this biscay green. Neither mint nor truly green, it has a fresh appeal that can easily be found online. The floral midi dress is great for a relaxed look when working from home. Pair some slip-on sandals or sneakers and you’re ready to go! The cami has a little bit of ruffle detailing to pair with a cardigan or jacket. It’s also perfect for casualwear.

Coral Pink

WIDE LEG PANTS $65.00 // HEELS $121.95

This coral pink is nice and bright. Careful when shopping for shiny fabrics—you want the shine in the clothing to draw attention to your best assets! If you love your bottom half, try a coral pant in a flowy wide leg. It’s comfortable and flattering! I know heels are not an option for everyone, but I couldn’t help but share this heel with the mix of coral, white, and snakeskin. Dreamy!


BLOUSE $29.99 // BAG $128.00

This isn’t a color many people tend to purchase, but it adds edge to a look when paired with black. I love a handbag as an accent print because you can easily wear it as an accessory if you find that saffron doesn’t flatter your skin tone. (For me, some shades of yellow make me look sick, so I’m extra cautious.) If you do enjoy saffron but it feels overwhelming as a color, wear it in a print to break it up.



It’s a little early for all the great chive options out there, but here are two prints that work well for spring options. The midi skirt is flowy and can be dressed down with a tee. The pineapple dress makes me think of sunny days in the park.



White will always be a spring color you’ll want in your closet! Try to use the pieces you already own to craft new styles. It’s so easy to pair anything with white; it’s like a black piece that goes with everything. Here, I have a casual blazer with black piping and a well-made shirt with button details down the side.


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