Meet Our NEW Lead Stylist!

It’s time for the big reveal of our new Lead Stylist and the latest addition to The Closet Edit team! I’m so excited to introduce you to Lexi Carrasco, a woman of incredible positive energy and constant great ideas. Lexi has so much to offer. I can’t wait to see what she brings to our fashion family. Currently, she works part-time at Nordstrom and is fascinated by the world of business and fashion. She’s excited to bring you content to keep you informed and inspired on what to wear and buy.

Want to know more about Lexi? Check out our YouTube interview to find out what she enjoys most about styling clients, her views on eco fashion, and more.


Here’s a snippet of our latest coffee date Q + A:

What’s your favorite part about helping clients build their wardrobe?

You instantly see their confidence light up their face and how they start gravitating towards what I pull for them. They start to feel beautiful, not just from the outside with what they’re wearing, but from the inside, too.

What’s an item in your closet that has stood the test of time?

I used to not like turtlenecks because of my longer neck, but now I’m obsessed. I have millions of turtlenecks and have been able to turn them into casual looks as well as dress them up for skirts.

Are there any daily rituals that help you feel good and help you start your day?

I’m all about positivity and vision boards. I like to set my day up with my goals and review my vision boards.

What’s your favorite trends of the season?

Cheetah print and cow print! It surprised me I’d enjoy them so much. Also, booties! I didn’t think it would be possible to style them so many different ways. It’s been fun helping clients discover these trends and show them how to wear these items.

Question from Instagram Follower: What’s your best idea for eco fashion

Sustainability is super popular right now—everyone is becoming aware. It’s good to help the environment by changing what we’re wearing. Entering 2020, more clients and consumers are interested in protecting the environment. I’m taking that into consideration as I work with clients.

Questions from Instagram Follower: What coat options are great this season?

I’ve been really drawn to trench coats. As you know, in Seattle, it’s been rainy, so having something durable is great. I’m short, and I love long trenches. I feel like a trench coat adds length to my body and brings out my outfits in a solid or pattern.


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