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It’s not enough to say new clothes can boost your confidence. When you set up the story, someone who wants that extra confidence boost can start to imagine it for themselves. In the end, the best way to understand it is to have a connection to the story. When you hear the promise of gaining […]

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Men’s body insecurities are a topic that’s important but not talked about very much. They are less vocal about it but working with men, I get to hear all the things and also have to work through finding pieces that fit their bodies well. We may not realize it, but men also like to feel […]

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Your loungewear style might need a boost because of the pandemic. Are your around the house outfits where you want them to be?   Let’s think for a second: what’s currently in your loungewear drawer? Mismatched tops and bottoms Old clothes you migrated to loungewear status Ill-fitting, stained, or ripped items   If you checked […]

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With video calls being part of the new norm, it’s important to get a video-ready work wardrobe together. But what does that even look like?  I partnered with Seattle Gents, an influencer collective in Seattle, to share ideas on how to get ready for a day of video calls. Seattle Gents’ mission is to build […]

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