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How do you know if it’s a keeper?   Spring cleaning is an easy way to feel lighter. It frees up headspace and unnecessary items that hold dead energy in your home. If tackling your closet is on the top of your list, I’ve got just the tips to help you make decisions. As you […]

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You CAN turn your home into that feel-good place that you desire, and you do have what it takes to create a seriously happy home. Being confined to four walls this past month has really put me in the mood to move things around and get creative on making more space. Here’s a little secret […]

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There are some crazy colors coming out this season and I’m already seeing pepper stem all over the place. Be open to trying on colors you’ve never worn before, you might surprise yourself by finding fresh options for your looks. Overall, there’s a total of 12 colors and 4 neutrals for the season palette but […]

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