Whether to Try a New Trend OR NOT!

The shock of how different styles are now, how do you know whether to try a new trend or not?

We are in such an interesting time with fashion. In 14 years of being a stylist, the only time I remember something like this happening was with leggings. 

I still remember bringing leggings into the fitting room 14 years ago, and some clients were like, “They are so tight, I don’t know if I’d ever wear them.”

People were switching out of bootcut jeans, and this was so new.

Right now, in fashion, it’s all about the relaxed look. Relaxed blazers that flow, some people feel it might be frumpy. Or wide-leg jeans and pants that take over your body. Some clients feel like it’s too overwhelming for them.

The frequent question that has come up lately is, do I actually not like it, or is it just so new, and it’s something I will wear all the time later.

As a stylist, I also explore new styles and try new things, which sometimes you question, ESPECIALLY if you feel like there is so much newness to what’s out. I know it feels like this for you if you haven’t done much shopping in the past few years. 

How to know if you SHOULD try this new piece

1. The piece matches your lifestyle

Let’s say you have a casual work environment and overall dress casually. If you buy a pair of silk trousers, where would you wear them to? Would you actually pull these out to wear with your girlfriends? Or will they sit in your closet? Instead, look for pieces that match your lifestyle. When you try something on, ask where I could wear this to? Especially if it’s something you like.

2. It feels like a modern version of what you used to wear

Every store you go to will have some version slightly different from the current piece you are searching for. I’m going to use the blazer example because it’s one that clients that dress up for work and don’t dress up for work both enjoy. You will find SO MANY blazer versions wherever you go. Let’s say for years you’ve been wearing very fitted short blazers, but now you are finding they are more relaxed, unlined, and drapey. It’s worth trying different versions of this new style to see which one suits you best. If you’re finding this at multiple stores, it means it is the modern version of what you were once wearing. It’s the best indicator!

3. It fits your body

When I say it fits your body, the seam and your shoulders are in the right place. The sweater or shirt isn’t pulling on your arms and bust. You can move around in your jacket and sit in your pants. Those are all great indicators it fits well. It’s easier to spot when it doesn’t fit because your pants fall off or you swim in a jacket.

Fit doesn’t have to do with it being “oversized” or “drapey” right now. This is common with pants and jackets because that’s how they are being made at the moment.

How to know whether to return it or let leave it at the store

1. The item doesn’t match up to how you want to look and feel

I went through this. As a stylist, I’m always trying something new. I bought a shacket I thought I’d love, it matched with so many things in my closet, but I just didn’t feel sexy in it. Even casually, I like to feel put together and sexy and wasn’t feeling that shacket. Instead, I found a cropped, light-colored corduroy that perfectly fit the script. It took trying a different cut and brand to find the right one that worked best for me.

2. It’s still so new that you don’t think you’ll pull it out of your closet and wear

This is a great indicator you won’t wear it. When I work with clients, the final question I ask if they’ve been indecisive is, will you actually pull this piece out to wear, or will you go back to the piece you were wearing before. This means it wasn’t the right style or brand, but we can continue looking for one, especially if it’s something they feel open to trying or wearing.

3. You feel uncomfortable with how you look in it

Big no, no! Don’t buy something that you question too much or feel too uncomfortable wearing. New is new, but not feeling good about something just means you shouldn’t make it work.

My biggest piece of advice, if you are at all intrigued by the piece, make sure it isn’t a final sale. Take it home, mix and match it with at least 3 other pieces from your closet. Take pictures, and see how you feel in a complete look. 

If it’s something, you are excited to try and wear out, cut off the tag and commit. If it’s still too different for you, you need to take baby steps toward that big different piece. Do that instead.

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  1. Kathy says:

    I love all these tips, I will remember this check the list before buying that new ‘it’ piece! Thanks!

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