Why the way you shop isn’t working

Shopping is more than adding everything you like to your virtual cart. There’s more that goes into figuring out what your closet needs or your style needs to update your look.

Without knowing it, you are in a cycle of shopping that you might not realize because it’s out of habit. The average person is first attracted to color before anything else. We can put that one to the test easily! Is there a color you can think of right now that is taking over your closet? It’s totally true! Mine is beige; I love a good beige, neutral. I love the elegance of it, how it looks against my skin color, and I can pair it with all pinks, blacks, whites, and lavenders in my closet.

Now that you’re aware of this, you might want to go toward finding other colors to add to your wardrobe. Knowing our shopping patterns is so helpful in the process of finding what you need to purchase.

If you are in a shopping routine, you get stuck in a style that doesn’t serve you anymore. Once you’re aware of your shopping pattern, you can try something different or catch yourself when you’re about to fall into the pattern again.

Here are the top shopping habits stopping you from achieving the style you want.

1. Falling into comfort


This was the biggest one after the pandemic. You were stuck at home trying to be a mom, work, cook, and get a workout. The fallback was leggings and loungewear. Pieces with that extra stretch or oversized look. But now that life has changed and you’re going out again, have you noticed you are still gravitating toward comfort? Maybe you don’t want another tee or legging, but what can you wear that is a step up from that without feeling too dressed up?


You can look stylish AND comfortable. Thanks to COVID, designers have done such a great job updating styles to work for our daily lives. You can find washable machine pieces and some elastic in the waistband (I know this sounds like a grandma thing, but I promise it looks cute. I’ve got a few pairs for myself to wear as I work from home and run to client appointments). Look for elements that feel stylish so you can wear the pieces often.

2. Purchasing all the colors of one style


Suppose you struggle with shopping or don’t like to shop. When you find a piece that works, you must get it in all colors. But haven’t you noticed that you wear only 1-2 most often when you do this? Just because the style worked for you doesn’t mean all the colors do. It also gets you stuck in not having enough variety in your closet. It’s better to invest in other styles to give you more options to put together outfits that don’t look the same.


Limit yourself on how many pieces you buy in multiple colors. Don’t do it as often, and think about how you can put that money into getting other options. Remember that creating a good foundation for your wardrobe doesn’t mean boring basics; you can integrate color, print, and different styles to build outfits head-to-toe.

When you are in a situation where you think, I LOVE this and do want more, don’t get every color. Only purchase the colors you like, or think you’ll pull out of your closet. This will help you seek new options and not feel stuck wearing the same things repeatedly.

3. Going back to what you know


What used to work for you five years ago probably doesn’t anymore. The style might be dated; the fit is probably off. If you go through your closet and see pieces that look like they need to be replaced, you probably need to replace the whole style. Don’t try to recreate old looks because, even with a classic style, not all those pieces stand the test of time. And when you’re in a new place in your life, you’ll want new clothing anyway.

I often hear this with clients that have a suit they wore 5-10 years ago that they are saving for a job interview. I have to remind them that if you had a job interview today, you most likely do NOT need to wear a suit, and secondly, you want something modern and up to date. Something that shows you are confident and relevant to the times today. That suit needs to go.


Buy new pieces and new styles. Most likely, if you go to the store to try finding that crew neck sweater, you won’t even find it. You’ll find a ton of other variations you won’t like instead. Let’s say you let go of your dated sweaters; make it a key to go try on new sweater styles that you find. Take note of what you like or don’t like about them. Try not to make any judgments until you see yourself in the mirror. Trying something new is part of finding your style and getting new pieces that work for you.

4. Shopping from Instagram


Ohhhhh, this one is tough. Influencers are so good at making cheap; ill-fitting pieces look like a million bucks. There is an art to taking good pics; as we realize with social media, it’s not reality. I’ve had clients like certain things from Instagram, and they buy them, but it doesn’t have a rhyme or reason in their wardrobe and, for the most part, don’t even end up fitting.


I say it’s awesome to use social media and Pinterest as inspiration. When you are saving pins and posts of outfits you like, be aware of what you like about that piece or outfit. You also have to remember, what you are attracted to sometimes doesn’t fit your body so knowing the elements you like to a style and then finding that somewhere else, ends up being best.

5. Sale and Budget Shopping


We all love a good deal, but when it comes to clothing, you have to be careful with what you get. I find that clients who shop for sales or are on a budget end up with random, unique pieces that don’t go well together. They also get things that were a great price, but they don’t love them, so it ends up sitting in the closet, never to see the light of day. Sales are great, but you must remember that these pieces didn’t work for most people. You have to have a good eye for what to look for and be super honest with yourself about what you like.


Have items that are a priority on your shopping list and stick to them. Use the money you have in your budget to find pieces that aren’t on sale. I know that sale shopping is also not trusting your decisions, so it feels easier to spend $20 on a dud than risk the $100 on a piece. Also, know that, for the most part, purchasing a piece at full price means it’s not a final sale. Take that piece home and see how it fits with what you have. You can always return the item if you decide it’s not the best use of your money.

What shopping habits were you stuck in? What are you going to do differently moving forward? I love hearing what was the most helpful for you. Head over to the podcast homepage on apple podcasts, leave a 5-star review and your comments. The more reviews we get, the more people we can reach and help.

If you’ve found yourself stuck in any of these shopping habits and are ready to transform your look and wardrobe for fall. Let’s work together! I have a FREE webinar sharing the Proven Method to Shop with Success, where I’ll show you the process to find your style and make better decisions on how you spend your money. My goal is to show you that style is something you can build, and I have the tools to help you find the right pieces to bring your look together. Go to the link’s show notes or head to myclosetedit.com to join the FREE webinar; I’d love to see you there.

Continue building the life and style that truly light you up. I’ll talk to you soon.

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