How to Change Your Style for the Seasons of Your Life

Do you ever stop to think about how far you’ve come in your life? I don’t think we always give ourselves credit for everything we’ve accomplished or where we’ve been. Entering new seasons of your life can be exciting and challenging at the same time, and figuring out how to change your style for different life stages gives you a sense of identity.

When I look around my home and my closet, I see a story of who I am now. When I look at photos from my past I know and understand that they are glimpses of me at that moment, always doing the best I could.

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Give yourself grace as you move into new parts of your life. If you’re in a season of making big changes for the better, remember that where you’ve been plays a role in how you were dressing and why. It’s a great way to see why you are wanting to change your style and move in a new direction. What doesn’t work for you in life, is just as important as what does work for you. Here are five life events you might be going through and how you can change your style to suit each one.

1. A New Job

A new job could mean many different things. If you’ve moved to a new city for a job, this affects how you dress. You want to start fresh and create a new look that feels good to you. Maybe you’ve relocated to New York from sunny SoCal for a great job opportunity. You’ll definitely want to trade in your sandals for a good pair of boots and add layering pieces like a heavy winter coat. Or perhaps you’ve moved to the Midwest where it’s more casual. You’ll want to find ways to still feel put together but have a more comfortable look, like pairing a cute pair of jeans with a blouse. 

2. How Much Money You Make

Yes, money does factor in what brands you buy and how often you shop. That doesn’t mean that if you have less spending money your clothes need to “look cheap”. When I work with clients on a tighter budget, being intentional about purchases is even more important and making a plan to buy the right pieces that easily mix and match is key. I say, spend a little more on a mid-range brand like Banana Republic, Madewell, or J Crew instead of cheaper brands that easily fall apart. 

If you are at a place where being on a tight budget isn’t an issue, the same topic comes into play – make the most with what you have. If you have a bigger amount to spend, do a mix of mid-range and higher-priced items to build a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle. I recently worked with a client who was in school trying to become a doctor and was shopping at Goodwill. She did find a lot of great key pieces, but then when she was able to afford new clothing she didn’t know how to spend her money. We worked on finding pieces of different price points to update her look.

3. Your Body is Changing

Whether you lose weight or gain weight, the way you see your body and how clothing fits constantly evolves. As we get older, our body weight distributes differently even though we may not even gain a pound.

Being aware that clothing feels too tight or loose is the best way to keep a wardrobe that fits you at the moment. You definitely don’t want to sit all day in tight jeans as you work from your laptop. If it’s been a few months or weeks that you’ve fluctuated in weight, buy a few pieces that fit your body right now. Never wait to feel good in your body. Even during stressful or trying seasons, that’s the time you need you the most.

4. Relationship Status

Oh yea, your relationship status affects your style, especially when you’re dating again. There’s something about going back out into the world solo that is compelling to explore who you are as a person – what you like, what you don’t like, and experiencing new things. Finding your style during this time is essential. You want to begin meeting new people and want to make sure you make a good impression, take care of yourself, and put in some effort for the person you are wanting to meet. 

I find that some guy clients relied a lot on their ex-spouse or mother to dress them so they never really knew what their style was. They just wore what was available instead of asking how it made them look or feel. Ask yourself the questions to really understand yourself more. In my podcast The Closet Edit, I share How to Set Style Goals, it’s a good listen to get an understanding of this.

5. Life as a Parent

Who you were before kids was a totally different person. How you spent your time, when you went to bed, and the clothing you used to wear. If it’s been a bit since you last cleaned out your closet, you might find clothing that reminds you of where you used to be in life. As a new parent you need an additional section of clothing you can wear with the baby. Easy to wash, easy to wear, and if you’re breastfeeding, easy to do that too. When the kids get older you need your outfits for running the kids around town, going to sporting events, and all the fun adventures that you do with them.

What season of your life are you adjusting your style to right now? Share with me in the comments below and follow me for more insights on Instagram @thecloset.edit!

If you are in the process of finding your style, I’m here to support you. An easy fun thing you can do is go to my website and take a quiz to find your personality type for free. I also have the ultimate shopping guide you can purchase to give you a list of stores and brands that fit your body and style.

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