The Perfect White Shirt

The perfect white shirt is the most sought after piece for summer. It’s bright, light, and literally goes with anything. Add this staple to your closet for a nice work blouse or a casual outing.


While there are many options to choose from when it comes to a white summer top, you want to avoid something too thin and see-through. You might think twice about even wearing a white shirt because it’s too much effort to think about how to wear it.

When searching for the perfect white shirt, look for one that is in a modern style to help you refresh any outfit you pair it with. Below are options clients have loved for summer 2022.

Veronica Beard Bea Ruffle White Shirt

VERONICA BEARD // Bea Ruffle Tee $125

This Veronica Beard tee is the perfect amount of feminine and casual. The ruffles down each side aren’t overly dramatic. It’s a great quality tee and staple piece to wear dressed down with cut-off shorts or dressed up with heels on a hot summer day. If you’re looking for more than a basic V-neck or crew neck, this option will change up your casual outfits.

Ann Taylor Half Placket White Shirt

ANN TAYLOR // Half Placket Top $54.50

The work top that can also be worn all day long! People struggle during the hot weather months to find what’s appropriate for work. You want an option that’s light enough you aren’t sweating a storm. This top has a dressy kind of texture on the front, and soft cotton texture on the back. It could be worn all the way buttoned up for a more conservative or professional look or opened up for a more casual vibe with your favorite jeans.

Banana Republic Dolman White Sweater Shirt

BANANA REPUBLIC // Dolman Sweater $90

The sweater top that fits perfectly. Whatever size or body type you are, it’s always nice to find that one piece that works for so many people – this top does wonders. The boxiness actually slims your body.  If you are someone that sweats more and needs a looser fitting white top, this is the perfect texture and shape to give you freedom to wear white during summer.

Banana Republic White Henley Sweater Tank

BANANA REPUBLIC // Henley Sweater Tank $60

Ribbed tops are all over the place this season because they provide a good base for color and function. You can wear this ribbed top under a blazer or wear it with a flowy summer skirt. It’s a wonderful alternative to a tee and this version from Banana Republic is one of the most flattering ribbed top options I’ve seen. If you are under 5’ 3” or have a shorter torso, I suggest ordering it in a petite size so the neckline dosn’t cut down to low.

Banana Republic White Boxy Cropped Shirt

BANANA REPUBLIC // Boxy Cropped Shirt $75

The most chic, boxy cropped top you’ve ever tried. Seriously. When I say crop, I don’t mean a midriff kind of top. It’s a shorter top to pair with a high waist pant or shorts. The shorter length makes it work so well. If you have been craving simplicity and structure, this is your piece. It looks ultra chic with a high waist pant and you can roll up the sleeves for a cool, relaxed look.

Choose from any of these pieces and you really can’t go wrong! Make sure to purchase a piece that fits your lifestyle and that you can imagine picking up to wear again and again.

Which white top is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and follow us for more insights on Instagram @thecloset.edit

Happy Shopping!

tannya bernadette
Founder of TCE Tannya Bernadette

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