To Keep or Not To Keep

How do you know if it’s a keeper?


Spring cleaning is an easy way to feel lighter. It frees up headspace and unnecessary items that hold dead energy in your home. If tackling your closet is on the top of your list, I’ve got just the tips to help you make decisions. As you go through your items, you may find there are some that you aren’t quite sure about.


Asking the right questions is the best way to dig a little deeper to see if that piece is worth keeping or giving away.


Make sure that you try on the pieces you aren’t sure about. It’ll help you remember what it feels like when you wear that item and see how it fits.


Stand in front of a full length mirror and be completely honest with yourself. No judgement here! If you paid a lot of money for that item, never even worn it, or accidently forgot to return it. It’s ok. Don’t let that negativity take up space in your life anymore. 


By the end, your closet will be more streamlined with pieces that align with you. 


to keep or not to keep


Let me know in the comments below what question from above was most helpful when decision making?


Your Stylist,




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Style Revival is the perfect way to feel more put together.


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