A New Chapter as an Empty Nester


What’s stopping you from living the life you want—right now?


This can be such a heavy question to ask yourself because you must admit your roadblocks, excuses, and negative beliefs that you currently have. 


It can be uncomfortable knowing that you are the one stopping yourself from doing that one thing.


But really, what is stopping you from living the life you want right now?


A New Chapter as an Empty Nester

In this episode of The Lifepreneur Podcast, my friend Kathy Rodriguez shares about her new chapter as an empty nester. We talk about:


  • Empty nester life
  • How to prepare yourself for this new life phase
  • How to find who you are after the kids are out of the house
  • Finding your tribe at different stages of life
  • How to capture moments while still staying present
  • Leaving a career as a clinical researcher to becoming a full-time mom with twins
  • Embracing the change of aging


Kathy started her blog Peppy Fit Foodie to post stories and photos of what she learns along the way because life doesn’t stop at 50. In one of her recent posts, she openly writes about her experience following my program, The Shopping Formula.


If you are in the social media space and want to follow this blogger, who has heartfelt and honest posts, check her out at @PeppyFitFoodie


If you have ever doubted your ability to start over, to try something new, or go after what’s in 

your heart, listen to my conversation with Kathy.



Listen to this episode




Some Life Lessons Learned Through This Conversation

The conversation with Kathy was full of wonderful insights. Here are some important things I learned while talking with her:


Never Stop Setting Goals For Yourself

When you set goals for yourself, in every stage of life, it gives you something to work towards. Setting goals keeps your mind active and keeps you feeling productive.


My personality is geared this way inherently, but it is a good reminder to always have goals, no m

atter what comes in the future.






Set Yourself Up For Success


If you know a big change is coming in your life, that’s a big advantage! You have to ask yourself, “What 5 things can I do now to prepare myself?”


Right now my big change is working more online. The 5 things I’m going to do are:


  1. Restructure the online packages
  2. Order more tops because I keep making tons of videos
  3. Decorate my space differently for the content I’m creating
  4. Look to Pinterest for inspiration, and
  5. Find a business coach to help me discover what options are available for spreading my message online because before it was all from in-person events and networking.


Make Memories

This is the most important takeaway from my conversation with Kathy.


Life goes by so quickly.


Seeing my baby girl almost turn a year old is exciting and heart-wrenching. Has it already been a year of sleepless nights? Haha really though, has it?

I’d love to know what you found most inspiring about this conversation. Share it with me in the comment section, or tag me and Kathy @tannyabstyle and @PeppyFitFoodie.


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