5 Signs You’re Ready to Shop For Fall


Can you believe fall is almost here? Life has been a bit of a blur. As important as it is to live in the present, there’s something dreamy about planning ahead. I’m already putting together my fall 2020 Pinterest boards with ideas for cozy fall outfits and pumpkin-everything recipes! I am totally ready to shop for fall.


As you get ready these days, have you started to notice what you wear has changed a bit? I’m sure you have, especially if you’re working from home or hanging out with the kids more often.

I’m hearing a lot of clients talk about simplicity, curating go-to outfits, and starting to clear their closets of all the unnecessary excess to make room for items they actually wear. I’m loving this new mindset!


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As we move forward into fall and thinking about what to wear, remember it’s ok to shop, especially if you buy a few new pieces:


  • To help you feel more productive.
  • That fit your lifestyle now.
  • That make you feel good as you go about your day.


Now more than ever, it’s really important to be mindful about your purchases whether that means thinking more about where they come from, if they are locally-made, if you’re supporting a small business, or if you’re buying something you’ll actually wear.


Here are a few signs you are ready to start looking into purchasing new pieces for fall:



1: You Open Your Closet and Feel Uninspired


It’s almost time to get on a video call meeting and you’re hurrying to get ready. As you open up your closet to find something to wear, you’re just feeling like it’s all blah

You’ve seen it all. You’ve worn it all. Your outfits don’t feel as sharp or put together anymore. Something feels off.

Getting new pieces to wear on video, especially with clients or coworkers, is so important. It’ll help boost your self-confidence and get you out of a rut.



2. You Keep Wearing the Same Pieces Over and Over


If you open up your closet to see it’s full of clothes, yet you’re wearing the same pieces consistently, then something’s gotta change.

You need to mix up what you grab out of your closet. Pick something new: fun colors, textures, or something that has a multi-purpose comfort factor.

Now that you’re noticing that your style is changing, you need to get some new items that you can add to your collection of go-to pieces.



3. You’re In Organization Mode


You’re in total organization mode! As you’re putting away your spring and summer items, you may be making a list of pieces you want to add to your wardrobe to update it for fall and winter. There may also be some favorites you need to replace.

Organizing and combing through your closet is the key foundation to building a stellar wardrobe that you love for each season.



4. You’re Planning Ahead for Fall Photos and Festivities


The future feels so much brighter as we look forward to fall traditions and family gatherings (whatever that will look like for you).

You’re getting together outfits for yourself and your family for the yearly pumpkin patch photos, and fun fall-themed Zoom gatherings with your girlfriends.

You need to start shopping ahead of time to start piecing your fall wardrobe together.



5. You Feel That Shopping Itch and You See What’s Trending


It’s been a while since you’ve shopped, and you’re feeling that itch to try something new. You’re looking out at the latest trends for fall, adding pins to your style board on Pinterest, and finding new influencers to follow on Instagram.

No matter which reasons you may relate to, I’m sure you’ve decided you’re ready to shop for fall!


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