Searching for Truth During Uncertainty

You are made for brave. Even when you checked everything off, went the “right” way, planned out your future… And your whole world still falls apart. Searching for truth during uncertainty is where tragedy turns to triumph. 

You are made for brave. 

Alyssa Galios is a motivational speaker, online influencer, author, and fitness coach who inspires women to lead their best life with faith. At 24 years old, Alyssa lost her husband to his battle with cancer and became a single mom with a 9-month-old little girl. Her hardship sparked a search for truth, and she created a movement to help others find meaning to the difficult moments in their lives.

Alyssa’s journey of finding God, following her faith, and then falling in love again is a testament that there is power in knowing that the journey of life doesn’t end when you hit a roadblock. 

There are two roads you can take when tragedy comes your way. You can choose to be a victim and fall into destructive habits, or you can choose to learn and change through your moment of trial. 

To give you some perspective, I sat down with Alyssa back in April. We are still in quarantine and going through a moment where we have  to find love and stillness in our lives. This is a time we have to be brave and step into difficult feelings of uncertainty.

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This conversation includes valuable insight about:

-the process of writing a book when it’s not the right time

-how to manage social media intake 

-the value of trusting the timing of life

-building your life from the progress you make rather than perfection

-getting the right workout results from only 30 minutes a day

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My biggest takeaways about searching for truth during uncertainty:

-You always have the option to choose how you want to handle a situation, even in a time of grief. This took me a long time to learn, and it wasn’t until a few years ago I actually decided to change how I handled grief in my own life. At the time, I didn’t have the wisdom to choose a better path. Now that I’ve gained that wisdom, I need to remind myself not to fall into bad habits when tragedy comes into my life again.

-Setting up times for social media scrolling by using a timer. I LOVE this, and I’m going to adopt it for online shopping as well as social media. I’ve been doing so much shopping for clients online and finding great items, I’ve actually been scrolling through all the sales and stores on my off time. I know I could put my time to better use.

-If someone’s going through grief, “everything happens for a reason” is the last thing they want to hear. I need to remember that when I’m speaking to others. I know personally when I’m going through a difficult time, I simply want to be heard or seen. Saying everything happens for a reason is almost like telling someone their feelings aren’t valid. I’ve got to remember that I don’t know the full extent of someone else’s situation. 

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If you want to find out more about Alyssa, you can find her on her Instagram, her website, and order a copy of her bookMade for Brave.

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Remember that everyday is a new day to make a positive change in your life. Be the light Lifepreneur!

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