The Power of Connection to Yourself and the World

How much do you really believe in yourself? Even in the most difficult moments of your life, how do you personally find the faith to continue moving forward? Today, my soul sister, friend, and mentor will open up your heart to see that truly everything you want is possible. Growing up homeless, at one point living in a car, her mother planted the seed of love and manifestation. That determination bolstered her for the rest of her life. As an adult, she’s owned several businesses and has gone from owning a strip club to running her own show.

I met Renessa eleven years ago at a time we were both growing our business. I was twenty-one and she was twenty-six. We had the opportunity to mastermind together, share stories, and help transform lives through her matchmaking company, Match Date. Love. We were helping clients twice our age find hope, belief, and self-confidence through makeovers. Even then, she was creating videos and sharing success stories of all the clients she worked with. There is one common theme in every business Renessa runs: She finds a way to help others connect, whether through matchmaking, real estate, or directing. The secret to her success isn’t about chasing money and opportunity—it’s about giving back.

Renessa is a storyteller, a coach, and a writer. She’s also a connector who specializes in filling souls with uplifting content. Our Lifepreneur conversation is loaded with incredible quotes and takeaways. I got goosebumps as she spoke because she is just so open and full of wisdom from her life experiences and spiritual practices. 

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Hot Topics

-Planting the seed of faith in your children during difficult times

-Questioning the calling of your soul and spirit

-Changing your mindset from taking to giving

-What it feels like to follow signs and intuition

-How vulnerability sets you up for success

What I learned:

  1. Expand your community. You can only grow so much on your own. I started this podcast to dive deeper into conversations with peers, friends, and personal mentors. We are so privileged to have video chats to connect with people miles away. There’s no excuse for being stuck!
  2. Vulnerability will expand your knowledge and experience. I was wowed to hear it put like that, but it’s really the truth. When you ask someone for help or ideas, you’re opening the door to expand beyond yourself.
  3. Separate your business from your personal life. Allot specific times to wear different hats—mom, entrepreneur, girlfriend, and even just alone time. It’s so easy to meld everything together, but it’s more beneficial for your loved ones and your spirit to compartmentalize your roles.


No one’s life is ever the same as someone else’s, and no one’s life ever comes without challenges and hardships. What do you think about Renessa’s “take to give” mindset? Do you feel like your personal experiences have shaped your accomplishments?

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