The Unspoken Truth About Forgiveness

Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle or pattern that you just can’t get out of? It could be anything from overeating, trying to please everyone, getting into a toxic relationship—any pattern that makes you think, Why am I doing this to myself again? There’s nothing worse than feeling stuck in a place of helplessness.

I wish there were more talk about the importance of awareness and listening to our thoughts and intuition. The challenges and heartache make us stronger and teach us lessons, but only if we can find peace and awareness in the situation. As you know, you can’t keep a negative cycle confined to one part of your life. Eventually, it’s going to leak everywhere.

I met a speaker at the Girlfriends Success Circle who took me by surprise with her audience engagement. I think all of us were able to resonate with parts of her story and ready to raise our hand to get more information about how we could connect with her.

Brenda Reiss is a Forgiveness Coach and CEO of Brenda Reiss Coaching. Through the 5-Step Radical Forgiveness Process, Brenda guides women on how to forgive and let go of lingering childhood angst, resentments, and even painful relationships. She helps women “clean out their closets” by sharing tools and wisdom that encourage them to become more aware of the unconscious behaviors and patterns that are sabotaging their relationships and businesses so they can change their life experience and create space for the relationships that they REALLY want.

If you or someone you love is struggling with forgiveness, take a screenshot of this podcast and send it to them! I know they’ll appreciate Brenda’s advice as she talks us through her insight on the forgiveness process.


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Conversation Highlights

-Ways to love yourself beyond manis and pedis

-How to defuse defensive conversations

-How to create new, healthy habits

-What’s underneath the cycles, patterns, and habits

-5 steps to forgiveness

This was such a wonderful conversation full of vulnerable topics and stories. I had some “aha moments” come up as we were talking, and I think all of us could use the reminder to check in with ourselves and the decisions we make.


-I’m still working on the part of me that wants to please people. I find joy in bringing others joy, but I sometimes give too much of myself without receiving anything in return. I need to look at what’s missing in myself.

-The difference between shame and guilt. Shame is who I think I am, and guilt is something I have done.

-I need to give myself some space. Once in a while, it’s healthy to disconnect from my business, hobbies, and books.

If you want to learn more about Brenda’s process, check out her books. Forgive Yourself and Journey to Your Heart Space are available on Amazon. They’re excellent resources if you’re unable to attend her live workshops or her group online course. You can also visit her on Instagram, Facebook, or her blog.

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