The Truth About Loss & Finding the Strength to Keep Going

What really happens behind the scenes of the women that put their heart out into their business? From the outside we see all the beautiful, put together parts of the founders creation but I love getting deep into what it’s really like to put your ideas into action. Lisa, the owner of Black Tie Makeup Studios shares how her business became a pillar in her life at one of the most difficult times. The endurance to keep going and find a way is a great reminder that our life is made up of many moments. That an ending, even a tragedy, can also be a new beginning.



  • the importance of creating a strong story behind the brand
  • how Black Tie Makeup Studios reflects women empowerment
  • home studio vs a commercial location
  • moving through heartache and loss
  • scaling your business during maternity leave


I wanted to keep talking to Lisa about the courage she had to keep moving forward after her loss. That was an emotional, powerful, and raw interview. There are parts of peoples stories that we don’t always know. It makes feel closer to someone after they begin to share more about who they are. The challenges that we go through as we build our businesses are not always shared and I’m so grateful that Lisa was able to do this. It’s really a great reminder about the strength we have to grow.

  1. Lean into your pain now because in time it’ll grow inside of you
  2. One tragedy will not lead to another
  3. You don’t have to cut out the sad parts of your life to curate a perfect life. It is all part of your story and shapes who you are.

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