5 Summer Trends You’ll Actually Wear

When it comes to summer fashion it can be overwhelming to figure out what to buy. All those prints, colors, how do you make sense of it all? In this video and post we share the top 5 Summer Trends and how to adopt it to everyday life. In this blog post there’s a link to the video but below we gave you a recap of what we shared.


Maxi dresses

What’s different with Maxi dresses this year summer? It’s always a staple for the season but now we are moving away from the empire waist and more towards a tie at the waist and other waist defining looks. There are more fabrics to choose from that lay differently on your body, the options are more slimming and less bulky. You’ll find buttons down the front, ruffles at the bottom, and a tiered bell look from the waist down. (00:40)


slouchy trousers

Pants have been changing so much this past year. The long bootcut and long straight cut are almost completely off the store shelves . They’ve been replaced with a new style that is more relaxed and comfortable. You’ll find wider leg options, cropped flares, distressed seams, boyfriend rolled up pants, and high waisted options. Work trousers in a high waisted, pleated slouchy style are also out there but most of our clients are opting for the casual slouchy pant options.

Lululemon and Athleta have some great breathable, stretchy, and versatile pants to choose from. (3:51)



They pop up every year during spring and become even more popular during summer. We find our clients either love this print or they dread it. This season we are seeing the return of the decade florals. The 90s are back with the mini florals and the skater dresses. Jen is loving the retro options from the 60s + 70s with higher necklines and longer sleeves. Everything is so lightweight and work appropriate, they’re easy to collect for season.

To tell you the truth, we aren’t a huge fan of the sheath spaghetti strap dress over a tee but we are all for a skater dress with a cool jacket. What would you try? (6:16)


summer lavender trend

Clients have been gravitating towards lavender tones because it’s not as girlie as pink. It’s a new soft color they can add to their outfits that feels fresh. Millennial pink is going away and now lavender is being worn by fashion bloggers head to toe, which isn’t completely realistic. If you’d like to invest in lavender everything you might find that next year you aren’t so crazy for it anymore so we suggest, but it in small doses.

Lavender can easily be combined with multiple opposite colors such as oranges and mustards, the 70s color palettes. You can also mix it up with navy or gray for a sophisticated work look.

The lavender animal print is out a lot too. White House Black Market has a soft and flowy dress where the print is so subtle it could be an option you can try without feeling overwhelmed by the color or print.. Anthropologie also has a jogger in the leopard lavender as well for a more casual look. (8:16)


biker shorts

Shorts have gotten longer which is a great thing because clients really like something more comfortable for playing with the kids without feeling exposed. Suited shorts in a work appropriate environment brings to mind the throwback suited Julia Roberts look from Pretty Woman. We had to reference it because we are seeing it back in a big way but here’s how you can adopt the longer shorts for real life.

You can wear a mid to high rise tie shorts with a jacket and a blouse in a non-matching dressed up. Wear natural tones for a modern look.

You’ll find Instagram photos filled bloggers wearing the true biker shorts with a belted jacket in a very chic way. We were inspired to share our take on how to wear something out of the house.

Instead of the spandex biker shorts you can wear long denim shorts. Add a button down and do a half tuck, keep the other side out, and voila! You can also wear tees that tie in the front because the shorts are high waisted. Anything a little oversized looks nice with long fitted shorts. (11:29)


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