Rent or Buy? Look your best at all your holiday parties!

It’s the most glamorous time of year! Holiday party season is upon us once again, so get your sequins out, it’s time to shine!

Chances are, you have started filling up your calendars with all different kinds of celebrations ranging from a casual work party to your ‘extra’ friend whose NYE parties are so epic you will be washing confetti out of your hair until Valentine’s day. This time of year require a lot of looks, and even though you could just wear the same little black dress you did the year before, and the year before that, why not try something new? There are a ton of options waiting for you.



The trick to refreshing your look without breaking the bank is to know when to rent and when to buy. With companies like Rent the Runway offering everything from casual trendy velvet pieces, to full length formal gowns at a fraction of retail prices, you could literally rent every piece you wear now until, well, forever!




Slate & Willow, Mustard Velvet Wrap Dress

Rent $30 | Retail $98


Badgley Mischka, Charcoal Gown

Rent $120 | Retail $1,190



But does it always make sense to rent? Is there a time when buying makes more sense? Absolutely. You will want to ask yourself if you can get a lot of use from the piece (like the velvet wrap dress above), is it a reasonable price, is it good quality? If the answer is yes, then it may make more sense to buy the piece then to spend the money to wear it once.

There are also great sites like Poshmark, ThreadUP, and Ebay where you can score second hand pieces being sold by fashion saavy individuals at great prices. And of course there are major retailers like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, and Saks Off 5th who offer new designer pieces for on sale at significant discounts. If you can find something classic or peak ‘you’ that you think you can wear more than once, go for it!

Joie, Belisa Lace One Shoulder Midi Dress

$178.99 (reg. $448) Saks Off Fifth



In the case of designer gowns, its almost always a good idea to rent. They come to you clean and ready to wear. And when you are done, send it right back. No trips to the dry cleaner needed. They also come with insurance so if anything happens like a red wine spill or a tear in the delicate beading, no worries – you’re covered! Plus, you save valuable closet space with not having to store a bulky ball gown in a garment bag.

If you have ever tried to find a formal or cocktail dress last minute, on a budget, you know that the pickings are slim. It is stressful and takes so much time and effort. But with RTR it is so easy to find the right dress in the right size for the right date and occasion. Seriously. Do it. And if you’re thinking of getting a dress for a popular night like NYE, I would suggest getting your order in now! Check out these knock out party looks!

Halston Heritage, Lustrous Dress

Rent $50 | Retail $495


Halston Heritage, Chalk White Wrap Jumpsuit

Rent $65 | Retail $445


Badgley Mischka, Red Asymmetrical Gown

Rent $145 | Retail $950



Every now and then you come across a truly special piece that you need in your life. These are the pieces that are unique, one of a kind, make you feel like the best version of yourself. Maybe it is for a special occasion like an anniversary that will make the garment hold sentimental value. Every time you pull that dress out whether to wear it or just gaze at its beauty, you will be transported to that moment in time. When you find a dress like that, its invaluable. Buy it!


However you get your holiday looks, we hope you have a sparkling good time. And please send us the pics! We can’t wait to see them!



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by Jennifer Saul

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