Oversize Coat Trend: What to Buy for Fall

This fall I am most excited about the bright, cozy trends I can wear over anything.
Characteristics I personally look for when putting on a coat are to feel confident, comfortable and super stylish. Seriously I want all these trends in my closet right now, I even found some great bloggers that have inspired me to wear these coats in new ways. These are versatile statement items that you can literally mix and match with crazy prints or bright solids. Taking risks is what makes an outfit great.

What’s your favorite?


left Nordstrom // Topshop $160
middle Max Mara // Saks fifth Avenue $3,590
right Coach // Poshmark $315

Why I love this trend:

This is seriously the most comfortable thing you’ll wear going it, yet it’s a fashion forward look all in one. Hands down it’s the best piece I have in my fall closet at the moment….maybe even the best purchase I’ve ever made. It’s versatile and can be worn multiple occasion from casual chic to date night look.



left Bloomingdales // Apparis $295
middle Zara // $144
right Louis Vuitton // $5,050

Why I love this trend:

Take your basic tee outfit to the next level by layering a bright faux fur. You’ll totally look like you stepped out of a runway show when you really just stepped out of bed. If you’re looking to be more creative with your styling, this is the way to go and don’t worry, no animals were harmed in this faux fur trend.



left Robert Rodriguez // $595
middle Michael Kors // Nordstrom $189.90
right Anthropologie // $188

Why I love this trend:

Plaid has been a go-to when I don’t know what to wear because it’s just one of those classic pieces that never seems to date. You can play around with it, break the rules! Add florals or something big and bright underneath it. Honestly, I think this can fit so many different body types but just careful on the size of the plaid. Wear it with jeans or to work, plaid isn’t just for a suit anymore.


  1. Lou & Em
  2. Aria Di Bari
  3. Courtney Bigelow

By Amanda Bowers

Edited by Tannya Bernadette

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