The Fabletics Experience

by Jennifer Saul

Last month we were invited to the Fabletics opening at their first Washington location in Bellevue at Belle Square. It was packed full of die hard fans eager to try on the new Fall styles in person. This would be my first experience trying on the brand, lead by Kate Hudson, and I was curious about how it would compare to my favorite athletic brands. I pretty much live in my athletic wear when I am not working, so I have a fair amount in my closet but I am always to looking to add more.




I will be honest, I was happy to see that they opened a retail location because I have always been wary of buying before trying – especially if I have to sign up for a subscription type service. So, even though I have been eyeing Fabletics for a while, I could never commit without feeling and seeing the pieces in person. 

The coolest part of the store is the dressing room experience. The fitting room attendant scans each piece you are trying on and it is displayed on a screen inside and outside of the room. This makes it easy to exchange sizes, keep track of likes and dislikes, and search online inventory if something is out of stock. It made the experience feel personal and fun. 



When you first go to the website to look at the outfits available, you will be prompted to take a quiz to help define your style, workout habits, and sizes. There doesn’t seem to be any way around it – which really annoyed me. Once you are done, it will prompt a countdown to claim your special VIP first time purchase deal. Again, that isn’t really my favorite thing. But that could just be me. I like to take my time, and don’t like feeling pressured. 


Signing up for the VIP program is the obvious thing to do to save money. However, if you don’t plan to buy pieces every month, you have to be prepared to go onto the website and skip the month or cancel. 




I had heard mixed reviews on the quality of Fabletics. Something that I can say for sure is that the brand runs small. I would size up – in pants for sure. Because the material varies on each product, I always do a quick ‘bend over’ test to make sure that I won’t be showing off more than my flexibility in yoga class.




As a busy mom, I spend most of my days in athletic wear. So, I need pieces that can take me from the gym to the grocery store without compromising on style. I like to look put together whether I am stretching in Barre class or grabbing lunch with my daughters in between running errands. Keeping this in mind, I set my eye on the athleisure pieces available. And to be honest, the pickings were slim. But after looking on the website I was able to find a few more pieces in their new Barre to Bar collection (hello, did they hear me talking and create a collection just for me?!) So, I will have to make another trip out to Bellevue to try on the new styles!


Fabletics did a stellar job of choosing seasonally relevant colors that feel chic and fashionable. I loved how the burgundy, shadow, and rose colors complimented the classic black pieces. It makes it easy to mix and match and get a pulled together look that isn’t boring.





High-Waisted Mesh Powercontrol Capri & Legging

I am all about a high waisted workout pant! It holds it all in no matter what crazy position or intense jumping around you are doing. The mesh panels on these capris are sexy, edgy, and provide airflow – keeping you cool. I also love the placement of the pocket at the outside of the upper thigh. It is big enough to fit your phone, gym card, money, key fob – whatever you need. They come in full length or capri and a variety of colors.


Cashel Curved Tank

This top comes in all the beautiful colors so you can pick something that really makes you feel and look good! I love the detail of the cinch to the side. The mix of fabrics allows you to have a fitted bra top with a relaxed bottom half making for a very flattering silhouette.


Luciana Seamless Pontinelle Jacket

I love jackets! This fitted jacket is so cool with its cut-out pattern. My one critique is that it doesn’t have pockets!! Which is kind of a deal breaker for me. That detail aside, I think it would be a great jacket to wear to warm up or wear after class while running errands.


They also offer some cute accessories like bags, yoga mats, and headbands to coordinate with your outfits. And at the store in Bellevue there were some really cute shoes that I don’t see offered online.




If you are already a Fabletics subscriber, then you know all about their VIP pricing. If you are new to it and are wary of online shopping or subscriptions, the retail location is a great option. Keep your eyes out for deals like 70% off your first outfit or 2 for $24 leggings. If you are going to sign up, that would be the time to do it!

Right now, there is a limited collection that was co-designed by Kate Hudson and her mother Goldie Hawn. It is inspired by Goldie’s personal style and 50% of all proceeds go to the educational program MindUp. I love supporting a company that is giving back to a great cause.


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